At Greber Tax Advisors The Leader in Tax Problem Resolution™, Our Team Provides Clients with Customized Solutions for their Tax Audit Representation, Tax Collection Matters, and Delinquent and Problem Tax Filing Needs.

Tax Audit Representation

  • Provide Income Tax Audit Representation, in front of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and/or state and local taxing authorities.

  • Work with our clients, to locate documentation, in support of income and expenses being audited.

  • Communicate with auditor and our clients, to provide the necessary substantiation required, for successful progression and completion of our client’s audit.

Tax Collections Resolution

  • Perform an analysis of our client’s assets, liabilities, income, and expenses, along with supporting documentation, to determine the best resolution to satisfy their tax debt.

  • Work directly with the appropriate Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and/or state and local taxing authorities’ collections department, including IRS Revenue Officers and other specific tax agency collection agents.

  • Prepare and submit Offers-in-Compromise, which allows our clients to potentially settle their tax debt, for less than what is owed.

  • Prepare and submit Installment Agreements, which may allow our client’s tax debt to become more financially manageable.

  • Submit cases for Financial Hardship, allowing for the collection of our client’s tax debt, to be placed on hold temporarily. This may present our clients, with additional time during which they may restructure their financial situation.

  • Perform Penalty Abatement, Innocent Spouse Relief, and Lien Removal Requests.

  • Provide Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearing Representation.

Delinquent and Problem Tax Filings

  • Perform the Preparation and Filing of delinquent tax returns, involving our review of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and/or state and local taxing authorities’ record of income, as well as documentation and substantiation provided by our clients. Many times, the taxing agency will file what is known as a Substitute for Return (SFR), or a filing enforcement, on behalf of our clients, using information available to the tax agency. This will typically result in a balance that is much higher than what would have resulted, if the original return was filed. Thus, filing the delinquent returns may help to reduce our client’s outstanding balances.

  • Prepare and file amended tax returns, to correct any errors which may have arose from an incorrectly filed original tax return.

  • Respond to Notices of Deficiency on behalf of our clients. Notices of Deficiency are filed by the IRS, when proposing to assess a balance to our client’s account, usually as a result of an audit or additional information received by the IRS, but not reported by our client on their tax return. This notice must be responded to in a timely manner in order to preserve our client’s rights.

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